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We were about to fail. Here’s WHY…

When Agralinks first started as a mere idea in the back of our mind, we realized that there was a problem in the agriculture industry. A big one.

Let us take you to the beginning

We’re taking you back to early days. Summer of 2015, to be more precise. This all came about because we were talking to farmers in the family who expressed their plights about not being able to take the time away from the farm to inform themselves on how Bill 6 would change farming operations in Alberta. This problem lead us to find hundreds of other similar timing constraint issues.

Some of the most prevalent range from farmers making costly decisions due to poor advise from their support team, or farmers waiting endlessly to receive servicing for their equipment. Now, needless to say, that is far from being the truth for all agriculture support services and organizations. 

On the other hand, advisors (accountants, lawyers, agronomists, service advisors, etc.) are also under pressure to complete as many projects as their 11-hour day will allow. This tends to be especially true of any new staff member within any organization who wishes to make a name for himself/herself. That is the beginning of how an ambitious advisor becomes lazy, and overlooks the details that are specific to your operation.

“Farming is NOT a 9-to-5 job, with normal hours. In most cases, if meetings are not held in the cab of a truck or a combine, they don’t happen”

If you have read until this point, you might be telling yourself: “That’s great that you understand, but I’m still wondering WHY AGRALINKS?”

Dec. 7th, 2017, was the day that we sat down with Craig Robertson; owner of Chinook Treaters, and leader in seed treating for Western Canada. He really taught us something: We knew HOW we could benefit the agriculture industry, but we really didnít know WHY. After reflection, and reading – lots of reading, we think we’ve got it.

Agralinks is committed to solving agriculture’s test of time.

We believe we are doing this by bringing the solution to farmers remotely, with advisors who are just as hard working as they are.

We want to personally thank Craig Robertson for his added perspective, as it has not only shown us direction, but it has also given us added drive and motivation to provide our own solution for farmers.

– Alexi

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