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Farmers just don’t have time


How many times have we heard, or said any of the following iterations?

“I’ll give you a call when I get my quarter-section done”;

“I’ll get around to it when the weather is bad”;

“I couldn’t meet with you – the day just got away from me”


“Farming is NOT a 9-to-5 job, with normal hours. In most cases, if meetings are not held in the cab of a truck or a combine, they don’t happen.”

You likely saw that very quote in our previous post: “We were about to fail. Here’s WHY…


A hard concept to understand for some who aren’t regularly exposed to agriculture is that we run when mother nature lets us; not the clocks or calendars. There are thin windows of opportunity, and a delay during harvest can be disastrous – especially when contracts are legally-binding. That means that meetings in-town are not easily had.

In a 2009 cooperative study by Virginia State University and Virginia tech revealing how farmers want to learn, one farmer stated: “You got so many irons in the fire, so many obligations to do that when you have a discretionary hour at your hands, how do you choose to spend it?” He concludes: “in all brutal honesty, getting up and going to a meeting is pretty low on the list of priorities.” (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009)


On the other hand, farmers know the value in having sound advice – especially on matters that greatly affect their operations. Nowadays, there are more variables than ever. From soil fertility, to precision agriculture, to NAFTA talks, and Canadian federal tax changes. There’s a lot to know – especially with the latter two. Having those meetings with accountants, lawyers, agronomists, farm management consultants, etc., are now every bit as important as on-farm duties. But how do we find the time?


As a good farmer and friend in the Kindersley, SK area comically puts it: “If I could grow time crops instead of canola, I would have almost enough time to be a farmer.”


Luckily, more and more providers in the agriculture industry are supporting you with platforms and mobile applications to handle some of your heavy-lifting from the touch of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Best of all, it can be done from the cab of your tractor!

Some of our favourites include: Farmers Edge’s Farm Command, Weed ID, JD Link’s Suite, and – bias disclosure – our very own Agralinks.


While we haven’t found a solution to grow time – though we know some of you are on it;

Agralinks is committed to solving agriculture’s test of time.

We believe we are doing this by bringing the solution to farmers remotely, with advisors who are just as hard working as they are.


Find out how we are giving you more time: http://agralinks.com

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