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Farm Perspective of Ag Safety: What is your reason to come home?

With an astounding level of support for Ag Safety Week, it is important to remember that this week is truly a catalyst for the remaining 51 weeks of the year – and years to come.  With these appreciation weeks, we often find ourselves forgetting about the significance in short time. But this couldn’t be further from the reality for families who have been affected by production-related accidents. As recently as 2018’s inaugural kick-off of Ag Safety Week, David John Brand was yet another member of our industry who was lost in a fatal grain handling accident. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Brand family.


If you read our last article: “The 2018 Mission: Farm Safety for “Yours, Theirs & All”, you will notice we are taking a vastly different approach. This time, we are giving you a farm family’s perspective on ag safety, and why it is so important. To do this, we are speaking with Shanyn Silinski, who has had vast experiences which taught her the importance of being safe on the farm. She is a self-admitted coffee addict, a Grainews writer, a loving mother, and she held a role as a firefighter. Put all of these together, and it makes someone who is not afraid to promptly tell you to be safe. She is no stranger to farm accidents, and her family’s story will absolutely move you.

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Shanyn Silinksi
Special Guest

Shanyn Silinksi

Coffee drinking, safety geek, farm wife and mom. Writer, photographer, researcher and encourager.

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