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4,870+ Fires in 2017: We have your Fire Safety Plan (Free Download)

With seeding delayed an average of 12 days behind last year in Canada, growers were exstatic that mother nature had mercy with an abundance of warmth. While thankful for the immaculate rays, many now fear another year of low precipitations and potential fires. Our last article discussed the potential causes and effects of a farm fire, while this article’s approach is focused on building a Fire Safety plan.

As part of this same topic segment, we brought in Shanyn Silinski, who has had vast experiences which taught her the importance of being safe on the farm. She is a self-admitted coffee addict, a Grainews writer, a loving mother, and she held a role as a firefighter. This level of experience provides her with the experience to discuss fire safety, and she even created a free Fire Safety Plan that you can download and print!

Make sure to listen-in to the podcast, because she provides bonus tips, and will talk about how to best use her plan for your operation!


AGRALINKS: Last week, we talked about some of those causes to watch out for – which is an important prevention measure. But this week, you created a simple Fire Safety Plan for our audience, did you not?

Shanyn: Yes, and it’s important to share with everyone involved – and even the Fire Responders (your local fire fighters) to get different perspectives, and make sure that everyone is familiar with it.

AGRALINKS: Can you tell us about some of these important elements?

Shanyn: Making sure that you have a detailed map with information of fuel sources, pathways in or out, where equipment is stored, or knowing what animals are present.  Your animals can sense tension and may be difficult to handle. Even the smallest dog can be a fierce protector of it’s person.  I really tried to make this as concise as possible. As we all know a plan we don’t use isn’t a plan at all.  This is a basic plan, a starting point. Make it fit your operation.

Most-importantly, run drills. With your entire family and employees. Involve everyone. Try your evacuation plan. Test your plan. Are you doing a fire break? Evacuating? Time yourself and see if you can improve.  Be sure to let your local responders know you have a plan. Share it with them. Invite them to your farm to see your plan and preparations. They will have great suggestions for you. They will appreciate knowing your farm, so that if they have to respond, they know what to watch out for.


Make sure to check out our article on uploading and sharing documents on Google Drive, or iCloud so that everyone in your operation knows what to do.


Download “01_Fire_Safety_Plan.pdf” 01_Fire_Safety_Plan.pdf – Downloaded 41 times – 324 KB


We want to thank Shanyn Silinski for sharing her knowledge, and planning guide. We know our readers appreciate it.


If you would like to talk to Shanyn about your ideas, find her on Twitter:



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