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4,870+ Fires in 2017: Is your farm ready?

Warm summers may be ample conditions for crops, but they also come with an increased likelihood of wildfires. As of August 30th, the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) reported 4,870 fires, which have burned 2,983,460 ha. New fire starts totalled 217, which is well above …

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Farm Perspective of Ag Safety: What is your reason to come home?

With an astounding level of support for Ag Safety Week, it is important to remember that this week is truly a catalyst for the remaining 51 weeks of the year – and years to come.  With these appreciation weeks, we often find ourselves forgetting about …

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The 2018 Mission: Farm Safety for “Yours, Theirs & All” + Bonus Tips

Safety seems to be that little word that gets people – especially in the ag industry – feeling anything but safe. When it comes to the financial bottom line, and a pathological way of farming for generations, many farmers and producers feel threatened. Drawn-out implementations …

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